Who We Are

We are the local Republican Committee for Gloucester County, Virginia. We are a community driven effort to promote Republican candidates in the Gloucester area and spread a hopeful message about America's future focusing on small government and individual freedoms. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm, typically at the Colonial Courthouse in the Main Street circle, Gloucester, VA. Check events for updates on time and location. Come and join us.


Nuclear Possibili...

Today, nuclear energy powers 20% of our nation with 104 different power plants. While nuclear safety and capabilities have steadily increased over the past 30 years, our use of the technology has not. We should embrace nuclear energy as the safe and reliable fuel source it is. However, nuclear plants must always be as safe as possible and new plants should take advantage of new fail safe technologies so that nuclear energy is contained and controlled at all times.


Tax Simplicity

Today, the federal tax code stands at over 10 million words long. 10 million words of complicated twisting language and deductions that would confuse anyone willing to read it. How can we expect every citizen to know the ins and outs of such a system? Obviously we can not and so we need to work towards a simplified tax code that does not take 10 lawyers to explain. Simplification in our tax code will lead to a more efficient, understandable, and transparent government.


Combating Terror

No society should have to suffer from the effects of terrorism. America has endured an endless terrorist threat for decades now with little relief. If we will ever see an end to the conflict, we need our intelligence and defense agencies to work together in harmony. We need strength and defense at home while we also strike the enemy in their home regions with no reservations. If we ever want to feel safe, we need to get serious.


The Cost of College

With the cost of college increasing far more than inflation for the past decade, college students and recent graduates have been struggling to pay everything. Student loan debt has become the most common form of debt in the United States, totaling more than all credit card debt. Beyond the costs, many college students are still struggling to find work even after they graduate and are often underemployed even if they do find a job. We need to approach this problem from two fronts. First, we need assist college students finance their debt safely and smartly. Second, we need to offer alternatives to four year colleges that cost less and give students practical skills for the workforce.


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